Home Selling Process

The Home Selling Process

How do I Sell My Home in Chesapeake VA?

Selling your house can be complicated and overwhelming.  Although the basic process is the same, each real estate transaction is unique and there are often unexpected twists and turns.  It helps to think of your Real Estate Agent as your tour guide.  Experienced agents have dealt with all types of situations, and they can guide you to the best route to the closing table sharing their valuable knowledge and resources along the way.

Step 1:  Consult with a Local Real Estate Agent

Contact a local real estate agent to discuss your individual situation.  For example are you in the military and potentially moving soon?  How soon should you list your house for sale?  Perhaps a new baby is on the way and you are thinking of upgrading to a larger home?

Listing Agent vs Selling Agent

These two terms are often confused.  A Listing Agent represents the person selling their home.  A Selling Agent represents a buyer, and is sometimes referred to as a buyer’s agent.  If you are selling your home, it is in your best interest to hire an agent with a proven record of marketing and selling homes.

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Step 2: Information Gathering & Research

Your real estate agent will need to gather some basic information about your home and verify that your tax records are accurate.  The Realtor will begin researching the value of your home.  It is helpful to provide them your mortgage balance also so they can calculate some numbers for you based off this information. You also want to do some research to find the best agent to sell your home.  Read about Jo Anne Gallant and her real estate background here.

Step 3: Determining the Value of Your Home     Show Me the Money

Wondering the value of your home in Chesapeake, VA?

While websites can give you a general range of value on your house, having a qualified Real Estate Agent meet you and view your home will provide a far more accurate analysis in determining your value.  Having a qualified agent explain those numbers in detail will help you determine your best options. Home Selling Process Chesapeake

Step 4: Deciding to Sell Your House

Congratulations!  You have decided to sell your home!  By now you have of course chosen Jo Anne Gallant as your Real Estate Agent in Chesapeake, VA.

Step 5: The Listing Agreement

Together with your agent decide on the best date to list your home for sale. Your Realtor will begin drafting the listing paperwork to explain to you.  You can even quickly and easily sign these forms electronically.  You can sign the listing paperwork in advance and set a date in the near future to actually list the home for sale for you have time to prepare your home for sale.

Step 6: Make Your Old Home Shine

Prepare Your Home for Sale: Often sellers need some time to prepare their home for sale.  Use this time to declutter and fix up your home.  Consult with your Real Estate Agent for advise on which projects are important vs which ones can wait.  Unfortunately for seller, buyers have been spoiled from watch too much HGTV.  They expect your home to look it’s best when they are there for a showing.  At the very least, your home needs to look good for the day of the photo shoot.

Photo Shoot: Today’s buyer search for homes on the internet.  Your home needs to make a good first impression to attract buyers and get showings.  The photo shoot is important. That being said, don’t get caught in the sellers “perfectionist trap” either.  Often sellers procrastinate listing their home for sale because they feel they still have too much to do, and the home is not ready yet. Truth be told you can move the clutter around or even hide it in drawers for pictures.

Step 7: Your Home is Officially Up For Sale

Finally, the date you agreed upon with your Realtor is here and your home is now officially up for sale. Your Realtor has listed your home in the MLS (Mutiple Listing Service) telling all other agents and home buyers you are ready for them to come and see your wonderful home! It is always a good idea to double check your listing for accuracy.  By now there should be a secured lockbox installed on your door and a sign in your front yard also.

Step 8:  Marketing Your Home

Your agent should have a plan to market your home.  A common complaint is that your home is just sitting on the market and your agent has just vanished.  A marketing plan should be customized due to the activity level on your home.  It may need to change evolve through out the process.

Step 9:  Showings and Feedback

Generally buyers will view your home with their own real estate agent.  Your listing agent most likely will not be at the showing unless the buyer does not have an agent. It is your list agent’s job to market your home and negotiate on your behalf as they represent your best interests as the home seller. Potential buyers will be viewing your home with another real estate professional, however you still want to take safety precautions and make sure to secure your valuables and even medications are secure.

A good listing agent should also provide you with feedback from your showings. The feedback includes comments from buyers who have viewed your home and also helpful suggestions from other agents who are out viewing similar homes with their buyers.

Step 10: You Receive an Offer on Your Home!

Congratulations!  You have received an offer on your home.  Now what happens?