Home Selling Tips

Tip 1: Consult with a Local Real Estate Agent As Soon As Possible

Even if you are not thinking of selling your home for a year or even two, it helps to have an initial conversation with an experienced listing agent as soon as possible.  Often home sellers have good intentions, but spend time and money on home improvement projects that may not necessarily increase the value of their home. A skilled listing agent can help you focus your “to do list” to help you get the best return on your money.

Tip 2: Know Your Numbers

During your conversation with the agent, it also to your benefit to discuss detailed numbers including your mortgage balance.  There are costs associated in selling your home.  If you have only lived in your home for a few years, your numbers may be tight.  If you consult with an agent long before you actually need to sell you can come up with a proactive plan.

For example in Chesapeake, Virginia where Jo Anne Gallant is a local real estate agent there are many military families who often need to move only 3 or 4 years after buying a home.  While the VA loan is a great product for helping a family buy their home for little to no money out of pocket, it can also mean that your mortgage balance is still relatively high when it is time to sell.  This is especially true if your VA funding fee was rolled into your mortgage balance. If you know your numbers in advance, you will have time to explore options such as possibly adding $100 to your monthly payment to lower your balance so you are not paying thousands out of pocket to sell your home later.

 Tip 3:  Selling Your Home is a Team Sport

Selling your home is a team sport.  Make sure you understand the home selling process and what your role and responsibilities are as the home seller.  In addition, your agent should explain what they are going to do to market your home for sale. It is equally important to also know the roles of other professionals that will be involved in the sale of your home including the home inspector, appraiser, & closing company. Communication with your agent is a key factor for a successful real estate transaction.