Marketing Your Home for Sale

PlanSelling Your Home Requires a Plan

92% of home buyers search for their home on the internet, according to the National Association of Realtors.  It is essential that your listing agent has a strong background in digital marketing to attract these buyers who are shopping for homes on the internet.  You need your home to stand out from the crowd, and look better than it’s competition in order to get the best price possible for your home.

Presentation and Promotion of Your Home for Sale

Which of these four homes in Chesapeake catch your eye?

Houses for Sale Chesapeake

If you are like most people House 3 jumps out at you because the picture is different.  The collage photo catches your eye and curious internet searchers will click on it to view more pictures.  More internet views mean more showings of your home, which means more chances to receive an offer.

Chesapeake Real Estate Agent Jo Anne Gallant was involved in the sale each of these transactions. She was the listing agent representing the seller for House 3.  She was the buyer’s agent for the other houses. Her creative marketing strategy had House 3 sold in substantially less time than the other homes.

House 1 was on the market for 131 days and sold for $386,000.  House 2 actually had been listed FOUR different times. The listing expired twice, and it was also withdrawn and then re-listed to make it appear as if it were a new listing. It was on the market for almost an entire year and the price was dropped over $20,000.  It finally sold at $379,900.   House 4 was listed for 228 days and sold for $337,730.  With the creative marketing strategy, House 3 sold in 80 days for $352,000.

Jo Anne Gallant also excels at making unique property videos.

Visit her YouTube channel to see more videos by clicking here!

Text for Information

If a potential buyer drives by your home, you want them to be able to obtain information regarding your property instantly.  They may forget the address or have problems finding on line when they get home.  “Text for Information” uses technology that replaces the flyers in a tube near the sign.  The flyers often get wet or are blown away by the wind.  Buyers generally feel like they are sneaking across your yard to get these flyers and will skip getting out of the car.

Try it now!  Send a text to the number: 88000 and in the message area write: Home6267

Featured Listings

Popular real estate websites like Trulia,, and offer agents the opportunity to pay a fee to get the house they are listing for sale a little more attention by making it a featured listing.  This is another form of paid advertisement that can be used to drive interest to your property.  Jo Anne Gallant does this on all three sites for her home sellers.


Bottom Line Your Agent Should have A Good Marketing Plan

I often hear home seller’s complain that they are not getting activity on their home and it is just sitting on the market. The only thing their agent keeps suggesting is to drop the price.  While sometimes a price reduction is necessary, the real estate agent you choose to sell your home should have a strong digital marketing strategy like Jo Anne Gallant in Chesapeake does!

Sold by Jo Anne Gallant